About Us

At the MB Thrill Squadron, we have a passion for aviation and especially tailwheel, vintage, and aerobatic airplanes. Our mission is to promote general aviation by emphasizing outstanding fundamental flying skills and making new pilots a part of the GA community.

Our core values:

Love aviation
Flying is our reason for existing, and sharing it is our greatest joy.

Care for our clients
Every pilot’s path to aviation is unique. To be invited on that journey is a privilege.

Care for our team members
Our work is impossible without the hard work and commitment of our team. We will support them with respect, loyalty, and an atmosphere of fun.

Care for our community
Flying is a gift that must be preserved for future generations. We will be good airport neighbors, build a stronger, more collaborative pilot community, and share aviation with our youth.

Keep showing up
Dreams require determination. We will not be out-worked.